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Company history

Isolcavi was born in 1976 as slitting company. The main activity was to transform laminates master rolls in many different items such as smaller rolls and shaped parts. Along the years we added to this several new machines in order to be able to produce the most common items used in the electromechanical field.

During the 80's and 90's we enlarged out activity including the distribution and the manufacturing of different materials like adhesive tapes, varnishes and sleevings.


Today our core business is the production of fiberglass sleevings and heat shrinkable tubing. Producing abroad in our own plants, with our own controls, allowed us to strongly reduce the production costs still maintaining the high quality level required today by the European standards.


Fast and reliable service is anyway our main goal. We settled our company in order to rapidly serve a market that is, day by day, getting more and more frenetic.